Rawa Vision/Hypeye D Pro/Cookie Cage Cx150

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Hello, I just got all my camera gear in the mail yesterday, and am having some problems getting everything how I want it. The helmet is a Rawa Vision, and I have a sony cx150, with an opteka .3x 37mm lens that will be fitting into the cookie cage. Now, my main problem is side mounting the cage properly, so that I don't have pieces of the helmet or my nose showing up on film. Mounting the box on an angle seems to solve it, but then it's not straight on the helmet....or do I mount it with the lens sticking out past the helmet. I realize these are most likely stupid rookie questions, but I just really wanna have it done right and get all badass shenanigans documented properly! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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You'll want the lens just past the side if the helmet.

But you're bigger problem will be side-mounting the flat-sided cage to the side of the rounded Rawa Vision. That doesn't work too well.

Rawa makes boxes that match the curve of the helmet. It makes for a cleaner setup. Flat-sided boxes or cages don't work well on the side of Rawa helmets.

Here is a Rawa box that would work:


Note the curve on the side-mount version.


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