Raynox HD-3035PRO

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The 3035 is the exact same lens as the 3030, 3031, 3032, etc etc :P

Anyway a lof of the footage in our weekend videos is shot with sony cx cameras these days, most with a raynox .3.

Video from last week:
Bigway stuff in here is shot with a hc5 + raynox .3
tandem shot, solo exit shot, FS8, guitar shot: CX105 + raynox .3
CF: CX without a WA lens
FS4: HC5 + waycool .45 (crappy lens for a HD camera)
Freefly stuff: CX116 + a flat .3 (same, and lots of vignetting too)
FS coach jumps: I think that's a CX105 + a flat lens, not 100% on that

ciel bleu,

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Found a tandemvid of mine from last weekend on YT, CX105 + Raynox HD3032PRO

Nice video, both content and quality :)
What software did you use to render it, and if you could give a brief list of render settings, I would be grateful.. :)


LOL thnx ;)

I shoot in HQ SD (not HD).

I render using premiere pro cs5. The custumer uploaded her own video to YT, no idea what she used...

For my own uploads I render to the biggest .wmv, again using PP CS5. Not sure this is the best file format for YT but hey it works. The weekvideo I posted is the result of such a .wmv.

ciel bleu,

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