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I'm a newbie with just 29 jumps. My friends know I love the sport so they gifted me a GoPro Helmet Hero for my birthday.
I'm a little apprehensive of using a camera so early in my skydiving career.

What are the safety issues while wearing a camera?
After how many jumps is it ok to start wearing a camera?


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I usually don't like to make snotty remarks, BUT............

You registered in 2009 and then come up with a question like that!
Even a novice on this site (like me) has seen and read and re-read this particular issue a 100 times.

People who say "search is your friend" generally gives me a huge pain in the ass, and I won't mention it as it obviously isn't your friend.

After numerous debates and people shelling out each others testicles around the subject it generally boils down to:

200 jumps.

OR if you are stubborn whenever you're DZO OK's it

OR if you are really stubborn, whenever you feel like it , taking into account you might be digging yourself deeper into the pile of shit.

Leave the camera on the snowboard for now.


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Glad to hear about your A license....CONGRATS!!!

It is natural to be excited about sharing your jumps with others but the truth is inside video (you filming your jumps) is pretty boring to watch.

I suggest you make friends with a more experienced jumper who already has a camera and jump with him/her. Or even better offer to pay for their jump so they can practice doing video of you and another jumper.

Of course make sure the camera guy is qualified, but at 200+ jumps he should be!!

Having a camera, even a go-pro, changes the jump in alot of ways so just work on your flying for now!!
"Tell ya the truth, I don't think this is a brains kind of operation."

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