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I've done a forum search and see lots of older questions on this sort of thing but not my specific query.

I'm about to move to Australia with work and was about to replace my broken CX100 before I move as it's cheaper here in the US.

If I'm using exclusively HDMI to connect my camera to an HD TV, does it matter that it's NTSC and my new Australian TV will be PAL or is that stuff all obselete now that flat panel HD tv's are the norm?

Same goes for my US playstation, i use HDMI to connect it to my TV, will it still work with an Australian HD LCD TV after i sort out the voltage issues?
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it'll still roll.
There is no more "PAL" or "NTSC" in HD-land.
There is 50Hz and 60Hz.
Your 50Hz display won't be compatible with your 60Hz camera/game.
They'll likely play (most displays today can somewhat convert) but you'll see roll/frequency beat as a result.
There are scalers that allow for HDMI in/out and selectable output modes, these generally work quite well. I've never used a video game on a 1080p scaler, so no knowledge as to how well it will work

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