Nikon D5000

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The "typical" 3.5mm plug is only for entry-level Canon cameras. Everything else, ie an intro Nikon like yours, a pro-sumer Canon, a pro-sumer Nikon all have their own distinct plugs.

You have 4 options here:
1) Buy switch of choice (with or without any kind of plug on it) and the needed remote (in your case, the MC-DC2) and splice those together.
2) If you can find one with the MC-DC2 plug, buy a ready-made switch (try Laszlo for this).
3) Buy switch of choice with a 3.5mm plug, afemale 3.5mm plug, and the needed remote (in your case, the MC-DC2) and splice the MC-DC2 with the female 3.5mm plug, this way you can buy any switch you like off the shelf and plug it in.
4) see 3 but buy it ready-made for your camera if you can find it (again, might try Laszlo for this).

ciel bleu,

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