Sony CX-110 issue

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Hello. I have been using a Sony HC-62 for a couple years and just purchased a CX-110. I did some jumping with it this weekend and I am having some unusual issues.

1) About 1 in every 5 times I hit the record button the damn thing malfunctions and starts freaking out (turns off, says recovering data) and I can't do anything for 30 seconds or more. Once I turn it back on it records fine.

2) Almost every single time I'm trying to play back jumps (after there is a new one) I will turn the camera on, switch to play mode and there is nothing there. I turn the camera off and on and it will show the right number of clips but a big question mark and they are unplayable. After a 3rd time of restarting the clips work fine....

The manual suggests using a Memory Stick and in this case I was using a SDHC 8gb card. Could it be a bad card??

I DID use the search button but could not find an answer. THANKS!

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