Swoop cord in Freak N Suit jacket

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Hi guys,

Angela from FreakNSuits just finished making a camera jacket for me. The workmanship is first rate. One thing (through my own mistake in measuring), is the fact that the arms are about two inches too long. I cannot get the wing to fully tighten until my arms are almost fully extended.
I would like the wing to be fully tightend by standard "box" position. If I use temporary velcro "cuffs" and tighten them where the arm should end on my wrist, then fold over the excess, I can get the wing to tighten right where I want it. Once I've test jumped a few times, I'll mark the sleeve, cut the excess and resew on the cuff.
The one thing I've noticed though, and I'm not sure if Angela puts them in, is swoop cords to allow the wing to be tightened.
Has anyone else gotten a camera jacket from FreakNSuits that doesn't use swoop cords? Is it supposed to be tightend just by the pulling of the trailing edge using the arm only, no cords? If anyone else has a FreakNSuits camera jacket, please let me know.
I've sent Angela an email, but it's the weekend so I probably won't get a reply till this coming week. I was just curious if anyone else could tell me what the design intends.



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