NVertigo-V Camera Setup

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Hey Folks,
Kinda having a tough time finding any info on this. Would a ZKulls attachment system fit on the top mounting surface of the NVertigo-V helmet. The only info I can find is that it will fit on a flat surface larger than 2.5"x2.5", but I don't have the helmet yet to know if that top surface is big enough. Anyone have this helmet that could measure that for me?

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Right now I can mount either my CX150 or a DSLR on the top along with the gopro on the front of the bracket (see photos).

I'm installing another zkulls attachment to the left side and getting the zkulls CX150 cage so I'll be able to side mount the CX150, have my T1i on top along with the gopro on the front.

Really though with the system there's a ton of different configurations you can use. I can do just CX150 on the top or the side, gopro on the top or side, gopro on the side and cx150 on the top, cx150 on the side with gopro on the top, no cameras at all, etc.

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