Please take a look need advise!

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Heres my issue, im flying with my Nikon d40x
Yes Nikon not the best thing for camera flying but im poor!
the problem is this camera only works on a wireless remote switch.
i have been taping it to my finger and am able to push the button but that is a massive pain in the arse as you could imagine.
here was my thinking as i sat in class one day.....
its a arm band with a retractable key ring glued, duct taped and sewn into it (impossible to get back out)
the chain is made of a light metal and is strong.

What do you think? any problems that i havnt thought of?
(pics are of the THING!)

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Forget about taping stuff to you. If you insist on jumping this camera, either get the camera modded for a wired switch, or do a search on this forum about how we used to make the switches for a Nikon D70 using a bite/blow/tongue/pro-switch of your choice taped to the wireless remote which you taped to your lens. Such a home-made switch is still wireless so still a bit of pain to use, and I wouldn't recommend this for paid jumps like tandemvideos. For funjumps, if it doesn't matter if you miss a jump every now and then, it's ok. Ish.

ciel bleu,

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you need your hands ,, for lots of things....from climb-out, to taking grips, to using Handles....

Nikon is perfectly FINE to use... but best to choose a different MODEL... which has a decent quality remote port...
I jump with a D 70s... and THAT port can be a P. I. T . A. ( kinda flimsey and easily loosened...[:/]:(The D200 has a port with a threaded shoulder on it, to accept and HOLD SECURE.. the adapter needed to use a tongue switch..
Your creativity is admirable, but best to use a hard wired set-up...

Is it necessary to point the remote at the camera body??? that seems to me, like a recipe for MISSING a lot of shots...

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I spent alot of time looking at different camera models, lenses, helmets, what not - before I started to fly with a camera.

I hindered myself because I did NOT want to fly with what everyone else was flying with.

After asking alot of questions, it finally sunk in.

There is a REASON why most camera flyers jump Cannon for stills and Sony (CX100) for video.....
Twin Otter N203-Echo,29 July 2006
Cessna P206 N2537X, 19 April 2008
Blue Skies Forever

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switching to canon cost me a bit and its a pain t sell my Nikon now but!
its bin so easy to fly with it just set it up and dont have to worry about anything now!
i would suggest for anyone looking at stills buy a canon (or my Nikon!)
pik of my new set up below

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