Gopro hand cam glove trial version 1

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This glove is my version 1.
It has a bit of shake. The manufactutrers are now making a much more solid base for the version 2.

Version one was made without the camera in their posession. Version 2 is being made with the camera so it will hopefully eliminate the shake.

Here is a BASE photo stills, which works awesome. The link is to a tandem video which you will notice the shake.
Version 2 is being made right now and I cant wait to see them as the build quality is great.

NOTE: These are not for sale. Just a project I am working on for me and my friends.
not that anyone would want to buy a glove mount that has shake....

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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I took the altitrack wristband, and used the headband (from the GoPro) mount thingy to snap it onto that one.

Taking the plastic attachments, pinching some holes in it with a hot needle, and you can sew it to pretty much everything, and snap a camera on there..
I'm an Athlete?

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