CX100 Problem!!!!

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:(]I used my brand new CX100 today for the first time, not in freefall but on a tripod to film the last ever night launch of the space shuttle, i have a scandisk 8gb card installed which the camera is saving to instead of the internal memory, after less than 1 minute, it stopped Fu---ng recording, it sayed BUFFER OVERLOAD, I managed to get it going again after a few seconds, i am verry pissed, and would have been even more pissed if i was filming a tandem, so i will try and contact sony today, anyone else had that problem??? i will post any advice i get from sony, i will also leave it recording again for a good 30 mins and see if it happens again,,,,,,

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> ...it sayed BUFFER OVERLOAD...
Been there, seen that.
It happened to me as well.
The problem is a crappy MS. Mine was 16 GB marked Sony (bought on eBay but MY FAULT I didn't keep the receipt...).
It was indeed a real 16 GB memory stick but so SLOW in recording data that pictures could barely recorded onto MS but video (which continuously sends a video-audio stream of about 2.5 MB/s) cannot be recorded onto such a crappy MS and so videocamera protests saying buffer overload.
It has been manufactured with memory cells that are REALLY LOW to record data onto (so much below industry specification for that kind of memory).
I bought a REAL Sony 16 GB MS (in a physicxal shop) and now everything works smooth.
For the moment, switch to record (video and pictures) onto internal memory.
Then go the shop and give then back your crappy MS and get another one, a GOOD one this time :)

Stay safe out there
Blue Skies and Soft Walls
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