Error Message on Canon Digital Still Camera

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I brought my Canon Rebel XS Digital Still camera home with me for the holidays. After air travel (carry on), I took it out of my bag to take some pictures on Christmas. I pressed the shutter button to take a picture, but on the screen it read, "Error 09 Shooting is not possible. Turn the power switch to and again or re-install the battery." Turning it on and off again doesn't change anything. When I take the battery out and put it back in again, it works fine. But after the camera not being used for a while, it goes back to the same error message. Obviously this is a bad situation for a shooting stills of tandems.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Yes the camera is under warranty and yes I am sending it to Canon to be fixed. I'd just thought I would ask anyone here if they had the same issue and how they dealt with it. Thanks~

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Err 09: SYSTEM

DESCRIPTION: This error occurs when the camera's self-checking system processing time has exceeded the specified limit. This error can occur when several switches are pressed at the same time.

REMEDIAL MEASURE: Because this error is caused by abnormal operation, try releasing the error by turning the main power switch OFF and then back ON. If this does not solve the problem, have the camera examined by a qualified service technician.

Me, I'd get rid of it and get another camera. Once a weird error like that pops up (presuming you're NOT going crazy pressing buttons here), it has probably had enough of skydiving abuse...

ciel bleu,

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Beth, I use an XS as well. I had the EXACT same error happen about 5 months ago. I sent it in for repair, had it back in around a week if memory serves and I've had no problems since. I've shot probably close to 100 tandems with it since the repair, plus hundreds of non-skydiving stills with it. I don't know what caused it though.

All in all I'm happy with my XS, good balance of quality, weight, and price.


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