Canon 7D video editing problem

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Hi guys!

Maybe I'm first out with this here, but I couldn't find anything after searching.

I just went out and took some test videos for posting them on youtube/Facebook. I used 25fps 1080p videomode. I threw it in Permiere Elements 4.0 and the software started freezing and jamming on me. I looked up the Adobe help section to see if I could get a new codec for Elements. It is recorded in MOV format, and Adobe had no solution other then contacting the 3rd party company(Apple?) as far as I understand. But the support page said a lot about backup codecs and backup files before innstalling new codecs. The reason was that it might even just simply freeze if you added the wrong codec. I also understood that it might corrupt your files, therefore the file backup. I got confused after reading it...

I trusted my gut feeling and pushes through anyway, and the output seems perfect IMO. I didn't edit anything, just added the files and exported it in AVI format. The MPEG(low quality for emails etc) export is giving me a hard time cause the software freezes only =/

It seems that it might just be my computer that is struggling to survive because of the large video files/amount of data.

I'm using a ASUS G2S with dual 2,4ghz T7700 intel processors, 4gb RAM Geforce 7XXX something. It's a full blood gaming Dragtop and has handled everything so far.

Any inputs on codec issues?
Any tips on how to make the editing smoother without recording in lower quality?
Any inputs on why the program freezes? The only message i get is that the program stopped working :S

It might also have something to do with Vista.... =P
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Premiere Elements 4 isn't set up for mp4, so even though it may be reading the codec, it's gonna struggle. It's not at all optimized. I believe Elements 8 has a trial?
Your machine seems like it should manage the files just fine, but if the app isn't optimized, it's not going to perform well.

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