small camera and low jump numbers

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Hi there, I'm a new jumper with 40 jumps. I'd like to mount my go pro camera on my helmet and then do my sky dives as usual. I'm not interested in trying to video others, I just want to turn it on in the plane and forget about it until I'm back in the hangar. If this is my intended use, should I be concerned about my low jump numbers and using a camera. I also plan to mount it to avoid snags with risers and such. It seems the experience reqirement is geared to camera flyers that are focusing on others in freefall which could lead to distraction. Thanks for your input or recommendations

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At the top of this forum, it has a sticky. This sticky is called "READ ME FIRST/FAQ."

This is a commonly asked question.
In that README, you'll find stories from Billvon, Davelepka, myself, and others about why the recommendations are what they are. It has very little to do with the camera.

Please ask your DZO for his feelings. Please ask your S&TA for their input. Please fill out the remainder of your profile. Please don't jump with a camera at only 40 jumps.

Skydiving is a LOT of fun, just as looking at skydiving video is a lot of fun. But it also adds a third eye to your skydive, and that eye can be a huge distraction.

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