Buy new Dell or upgrade?

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Hi ya'll I need some advice. I am filming with a CX105 and am editing with PP CS4. All fine when I'm shooting SD-HQ but when I want to edit HD format (AVCHD) I'm in big trouble. Can't pull the preview and don't even try to go for render.

My laptop setup:

LATITUDE D820 CORE 2 DUO T7200 (2.0GHZ 6
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M
MEMORY : 2048MB (2X1024MB) 533MHZ DDR2 S
HARD DRIVE : 100GB (7200 RPM) SERIAL ATA (i know this was a mistake)
Editing with PremiereProCS4

I have an option to invest in more RAM up to 4GB (also need a new DVD-RW and new battery) That adds up to about 300 euro. But I don't know if that is a good idea, cause if I can't pull it I've invested for nothing and would have been better off selling my laptop and buying a new one. On the other hand, this 3 year old Dell has already got a new motherboard and heatsink, even a new keyboard. So it's about new and will go for another few years.

I think this is enough info to answer my poll. I don't know shit about hardware, so if you have any tips on good deals or setups, please go ahead...

:SGreetz MisterCrash.
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If you want to edit AVCHD in near or real time then a quad core system with 4 gigs of memory is the way to go. It will also give you room to grow into the machine as you get more proficient with it and decide to do things like rendering graphics or titles in HD.

The Mac platform will never be as fast as a PC based platform for AVCHD footage. With the Mac needing to transform the footage to AIC instead of using the files naively there is a huge time loss at ingest time.
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I would hesitate to put more than 100 euro into an older laptop like that.

For editing, nothing beats a tower, however you need to have a place to put it at the DZ and you lose the mobility. I have both a good tower and a good laptop, so I use the tower when I can but have the laptop for when I need to be mobile. Of course this isn't a cheap solution :S;)

ciel bleu,

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