Looking for first-person (boring) skydive video footage

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I'm looking for first-person video footage of what a skydiver sees from exit to deployment. I.e. I want a helmet cam capture of a normal belly to earth freefall WITHOUT any people flying in the camera view. Just a boring, stable, belly-to-earth freefall until deployment. No turns, no loops, ... after the hill just a stable horizon, preferably no alti peeks or head movements.

Does anyone know of such footage I could use? Anyone wants to shoot it for me for the price of a few jump tickets?

Cheers - Francis

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I don't have the footage but I am curious as to why you want that footage?

I see you're jump numbers (80) if thats accurate and you're curious of which first steps to take I understand but the footage you see in the sky WITH people IS what the camera guy sees until deployment.

If I was jumping today I would try to shoot it for ya...But I won't be.
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