CX7 - Corrupt files

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I've had a bad couple of weeks for video...

I put about 10 jumps on an 8Gb card before I came to upload them on to my laptop. The card already had 5 or so jumps on it before these 10, recorded a week prior.

The first files copied, converted and played properly. The last few, when played, would be scrambled mixtures of the first 5. ALL play correctly on the camera.

Even when I deleted the first 5 jumps, the later jumps were still scrambled versions of these now deleted jumps. Everything still plays fine on camera.

Repair image database does nothing. (Says no problems found).

Having never heard of this, nor had any problems, I was surprised when the exact same thing happened on a second card!

I have used these cards without issue for 18 months (one card has received much more use than the other). However, I have very rarely formatted the cards, so perhaps this could be an issue. I didn't realise this could be a problem until I read about it on here and was told by a friend - I will format my cards from now on.

A third, 4Gb, formatted card has shown no problems.

It just seems weird that after no problems before, 2 cards would mess up simultaneously.

This occurred at the same time as my A/V out port breaking.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, but I worry these may be gone forever.



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Formatting is a huge issue, most guys just don't understand why....Lots of idx and other detritus stay on the card when you delete vs format.

There are some repair software tools out there, but none of them have ever worked well for me.

Are you copying the streams, or the entire folder content over? Do you have more than one NLE you can put the files into?

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It is curious how we're having the same issues Tom.


CX6 and CX7, D port / Hypeye issues and corrupt files? It does seem a curious coincidence. However, I have never had this problem again after making sure the memory cards were 'genuine sony' and also I am now very anal about formatting the cards instead of just deleting the content.

For what it's worth I am now having similar problems with the SD cards in my stills so have taken to formatting them instead of just deleting.

Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I hope they weren't once in a lifetime jumps you lost.

New cameras - new issues.

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Yep! Must be a Peterlee curse?

DSE - Tried playing off the card, and tried copying just the streams. Neither worked. I know what NLE stands for but that's where my knowledge of NLE stops! I have tried importing into Sony Vegas 9c, which says the files are corrupt.

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