help with PC105 cameras???

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This is a plea to the technical minds out there....
i have two PC105's, each with a different fault.
The zoom toggle on the right side of the camera is not working on one which if it was stuck zoomed all of the way out would still be jumpable as the focus ring works but its not!! even if the toggle is not easily repaired, is there a way to change the zoom to wide?
The second camera will not play or record a tape but still fast-forwards and rewinds. You cannot cue either when fast-forwarding etc.

All other functions on both cameras work fine so even if i could get one working camera from the two i would be happy...


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The zoom switch is busted. On the 105s it is expensive to fix due to the photo switch being on the same panel. Don't know where in NZ you are but Sony in CC will charge about $280 for the repair. Likely to be a separate service centre for the north island. Seems to be common with older 105s.

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