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does anyone have a free .mts converter which will work on an old Mac, and which will convert the whole file (and not half of it because it is free) ?

Please take into account that I am REALLY unemaducated in computer stuff (which is why I have a Mac)
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Saskia uploaded some footage from a CX105 to my FTP. 1920x1080, 16Mbps, 25fps, AVC High. It's a .MTS file.

Viewed it in Windows Media Player no problem. It uses about 10% of my CPU (i7 @ 3.80GHz) to do so. Basically not even one full core.

Sounds like your GPU is doing the decompression, not the CPU. And I can only think it's a display driver problem (it is not utilizing DXVA) for those that have problems with the i7 processors.

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