cx-100 on Sony website...$450 if you wanna "work it"

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Here is the trick, and for whatever reason they STILL haven't fixed it


and notice that the price listed is on sale for $499 ($100 off full price), BUT under that in RED it says YOU SAVE $150...well i called them and said, "how do I get the extra $50 cause the website won't give it to me like it says..."

and I was just super polite and played dumb. They would say, well its 100 off, and I would say, right, but it says 150, so I was trying to see what I needed to do to get the other $50 that you have advertised. And they would keep doing that for like 2-3 minutes (and I would just be polite and play dumb and keep saying the same thing like I didn't get it)...and finally they would say, I think its a typo. to which I said, but this is Sony, I mean, Sony, you wouldn't think there would be a typo on YOUR website, so it must be something I'm not clicking properly, can you help me figure it out...and then finally that one got confused by me being so confused so I said, well, is there anyway you could ask your supervisor or maybe I could talk to a supervisor, just to make sure, cause you've been really nice, and I'm just surprised that Sony would have a typo that they don't honor on their site (TOTALLY polite as shit)...and the person I talked to was like "of course" and put me on hold, came back a minute later and said that they would honor the $450 for me...and I bought 3 of them...

free shipping and only sales tax :)

The site still hasn't been fixed so call now!

Thought I'd help :)
- ever the spazz

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