Congrats Laszlo!

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Congrats Laszlo!!

I remember meeting you in Z-Hills while I was in Florida for the Daytona 500. We never got a chance to talk due another visiter turning low requiring a hospital ride and I left shortly there after.

Anyway, congrats on your accomplishment!! B|B|

Fire Safety Tip: Don't fry bacon while naked

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Yeah, Doctor! Well deserved! Congratulations!!
All the international fame and fortune (well.. the fortune's coming i guess), a large body of work, the respect of your peers... and you STILL dont have any good pics of yourself swooping, do ya? :D I'll work on that for you this season.

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not a swoop.....:|

but rather a shot of Laszlo,
"going to work",
from front float,
about 2 seconds off the plane...;)B|...
He fired a shot of the 4 way, as well as the rear floater and me.... at just about the same split second ;) that i caught this picture..

nice profile page...
it just arrived in my mailbox , today...
real nice...B|

A 3914
D 12122
POPS 3935

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