cx-100 in a PC-101/PC-9 Rawa Side mount Box?? Pics Please!!

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I have seen references to this in other threads but I think Rawa must have changed their design of the PC-101 box at some point because mine doesn't look like the one picture I've seen posted. Mine is almost perfectly rectangular (no cut in - see attached)

I've heard people are fitting these with no problem...any pics or testimonials out there??

- ever the spazz

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I had the PC 101 Box... I hacked it off. No chance in it working. It is so close BUT the lip that protects the top zoom button prevents it from being worth cutting (especially if you have a 101 that works.)

The PC - 9 Box or whatever the previous generation of camera to the 101 was called (slightly bigger controls on the outside not touch screen) is a perfect fit. I have done 2 freefly and 20 td videos with the camera mounted in that box with nothing but great results.

The box is a touch bigger than the 101 box and it also allows the camera to sit lower in the box which removes the zoom button issue.

See pictures in the link below. I am more than happy with my setup and will not be purchasing a new box as with the PC9 box I can quickly change padding and put my 101 back in service if I need a back up camera.

Hope this helps,



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