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I have a NTSC Sony HDV-HC3 and have been using iMovie to import videos without any trouble until recently.
Some of my imports would not be able to be opened/found by iMovie but would be visible on Quicktime. It says that the .dv file on some could not be read by iMovie while all of the other videos that do work are also .dv

Now the picture will not come up on the import screen though I can still control the camera with the play/pause/seek forward, etc. buttons. When I import, no files are copied to the hard drive.

I tried Apple's troubleshooting website but didn't find anything useful.
I have not tried a different firewire cable, but as the controls are working, I don't think that's the problem. I have set the VCR to HDV and DV hoping that would fix it, but sadly... it didn't.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Be sure you're still using latest version of iMovie.
Don't use the cam in AUTO, but rather DV downconvert or HDV only.
Use the Easy templates.
Connect camera and turn on before launching iMovie.
You may need to/want to reinstall iMovie.

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