Tamron 11-18 vs. Cannon 11-22 vs.?

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Looking for input on my next purchase. The Tamron 11 - 18 vs. Sigma 10 -20 vs. the Canon 10 - 22. This will be used on a Rebel XT 8.1. Shoot 99% tandems.

Went with the Royal .5X on my DCR - HC90 from my last post.
Thank You Max.

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Best lens is a fixed lens, like the canon 15mm fisheye or sigma 15mm fisheye. These are faster (f2.8), smaller, lighter and better quality (very very SHARP).
If you HAVE to jump a zoom (why?) generally the good ones are heavier, bigger and some are very $$$ plus zooms tend to break easier, I'd go for the canon. The sigma is slooooow, big and heavy and just not crisp if you're used to nice fixed lenses (I have one, wouldn't jump it unless I really need the 10mm but then i'd MUCH rather jump a 10.5mm nikon fisheye). Tamron have some decent lenses but this one i don't like all that much.

Bottom line, what's wrong with a canon 15mm fisheye?

ciel bleu,

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A few things I would like to point out:

-In cropped sensor 15mm isnt really wide. Its only 3mm wider than the kit lens. In my experiense the 10mm very usefull and mostly I set mine to 10mm.

-Having a fixed lens isnt really a bonus at all. A zoom lens is much more versatile becouse you can choose how wide you want. Zoom lens is not at all more complicated to use than a fixed on is. I actually zoom my lens sometimes in freefall. Filming tandems first I shoot 10mm and in the end I put it to 22 and film underneath the tandem. Also shooting the landings at 22 gets you better results for sure.

-The 10-22 is only 0.6oz heavier than the 15mm sigma.

-Most of the time in skydiving you dont need apertures like 2.8 These kind of apertures are usefull only if you need a nice bokeh or you dont have much light. In skydiving you wont need to create bokeh. (it isnt even really possible with wide angles anyway) Only when skydiving in low light conditions the 2.8 offers a slight advantage to the 3.5 minimum aperture of the 10-22. Most lenses perform best at apertures like 8.0 anyway so no reason to really choose the fastest lens for skydiving in my opinion.

-15mm sigma is a fisheye lens. This is a matter of personal preference. Some like the effect, some dont..

Tamron I havent used, but I have read good reviews about it from non skydiving photography forums.. There is perhaps a few nice samples in this forum also if you do a search. I also think this would be the other possible good choise for skydiving with the canon 10-22. Sigma 10-20 is a little bit of a gamble becouse of the poor quality control. you never know if you get a good copy before you already bought it. (however, If you do get a good copy its a very nice lens also)

Do a search in this forum and you will find a lot of similar threads like this and some of them has some sample photos you can compare..

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don't want a fisheye. Want the photo to look as good as if it were your own eyes.
Figured if I am going to spend the money I might as well get a zoom and get the most out of it.
Don't see that much difference in cost unless I am looking in the wrong place.
Have a fixed 24mm now. Only because I bought it DIRT CHEAP!

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