Canon 10-22 lens review

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So after much research and advice (thanks DSE!), I finally got my 10-22 last week and got to jump it this weekend. I mainly shoot tandems 'cuz I don't get much of a chance to fun jump; I was amazed at how clear the pics came out and how creative I can get with different angles without "loosing the shot". I did get a chance to do some freeflying today which allowed me to put it all the way out to 10mm for a close headdown. Amazing! Hardly any distortion on the edges and where there is some, it actually adds to the shot. I got to shoot some pics of landings as well and it was able to get the whole canopy as the pilot swooped right at/over me.

All in all, if you are thinking of a new lens because the stock lens just isn't cutting it, I highly suggest the 10-22. You can set it at 18-22 for tandems/aff if you want, or zoom it all the way out for close in stuff. Spend the money...it's worth every penny!
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