strut mount for camera

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Brent Finley used to/still has a setup that from what I understand is an aluminum plate that gets bolted to the strut using a shape similar 'U' bolt. Then he had an adjustable 6 inch swivel mount bolted to the plate and ofcourse then to his camera. I was looking for it a few months ago, but did not find it. Like spot said, check out those pages, but then you can probably just rig something up yourself that is pretty solid.

I'll see if he's got pics.


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This is not a DSLR, but the principle should work.
This is on a U-206.
(The tape is just for additional stability; there's a big tripod screw.)


Looks good, but I would put some rubber sheet in between the hose clamps and the strut to prevent them from wearing into it. Might well be unnecessary though.
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