Favorite tandem music

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Great dance music? I have no idea how you could dance to it.

Watch and learn...................

I watched and thought it seemed the dancing scenes must have been done to something else at first. Then I watched a couple of the soul dancing competition clips and realized they all seem to be trying use the same basic dance moves. It wouldn't matter if the music was polka. After all the fox trot is still the fox trot it wouldn't matter if you were dancing to Aerosmith.

I still don't think it compiments skydiving but that is just my opinion.
"... this ain't a Nerf world."

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Hi Icevid'

Yeah, you had to be there.....at the Wigan Casino that is. In 1977 it (Wigan Casino) was voted the greatest disco in the world by the American Music Press no less.....it beat Studio 54 into second place!

Casino has nothing to do with gambling in this instance!!!

The whole 'Northern Soul' genre is a 'Limey' thing. If you are interested, take a look at some of the 'Northern Soul Dancing' stuff on youtube.

They were great days!!!B|

By the way, everybody who has seen my Tandem Intro thinks that the music stinks! I could never take a hint!!!!:S

That said, once the actual Tandem footage kicks in then they get more orthodox stuff.

Thanks for your views.



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