Wich mount should I go for ?

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With the small footprint available on top of the optik I would probably go with either a bonehead goldmember or a Schumacher. However, there is also the liquid flatlock and the Really Good Stuff line of products to consider as well.

But mainly I would measure the actual usable space and then decide which unit fits best. The main thing is I would want the mount to fit squarely on the helmet with no hang over the sides.

I have a RRS L Bracket mounted on my Batrak and love it. Its pricey but so is the package on top your head!!!!

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It Really Right Stuff;) I've been using a Stroboframe for years on my 10D then on my XTi and it works nicely but on the XTi you have to take it off to charge the battery so thats a major negative now. The issue I have with the Goldmember and other items is they do not have an anti-twist feature and over time they can allow the camera to move around in terms of its aim.

If I hadto do it all over again I'd get the RRS L mount. This is not cheap but it allows you to flip the camera from Landscape to Portrait in about 6 seconds. They have Anti-twist features and allow you to change batteries with the mount still on. They are not cheap, but they are about the best thing on the market and lots of Pros outside skydiving use their mounts. I'm hoping Santa Clause brings me an L Mount and 2 base units for Christmas this year (1 for the helmet and 1 for the tripod) ;)

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