Bonehead Mantle

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Any more feedback on this helmet.

I am going to drop some $$$ on some bonehead bonds, so I have 6 months to decide between a FTP and this monstrosity. ;)

I have never owned, or jumped, an FTP but I love my Mantle and the huge amount of real estate is has for mounting options. That being said, I plan to build a Wes Rich styled helmet for my next one.

There is one thing I do not like about my Mantle, the cutaway system. It requires me to push forward on the "bone" to get the hinge to release. In speaking with the third party manufacturer of this hinged system, he stated that it was never intended to be used in this configuration. On the FTP it it positioned on a straight line and on the Mantle it wraps around the side and rear (easier to see what I mean by looking at them both side-by-side).
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having jumped them both, they're not that different. Hadn't considered the cutaway issue, thanks for bringing that up.

The Mantle flies better with a wingsuit, but for tandems/other things, they're not a whole lot different. It's very challenging to load larger cameras on the Mantle (RED, EX1, NX5, etc). FTP, just about anything goes.

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