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I have a 30mm .05 that I used on my PC-105 which recently died. (Man, those things don’t like to be dropped from bridges do they?!?!? :o)

I just got a new HC-5 and was wondering about buying a step ring so that I could use the 30mm lens on the new camera.

Will this set up cause me problems that I’m unaware of or is it okay? Thanks for the help.

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I couldn't tell you without seeing it but in general it will work....

You may get vignette on the video though. It depends on the wide angle lens and the camera lens.

vignette,if I spelled it correctly, is the black edges on the video due to many different reasons. incorrect lens configuration is one reason.

Hold the lens in front of your camera ,as if it were mounted and look through the eye piece/screen .(of course your camera should be on)

If you see the full screen its a good indictaor that the lens will work fine. However, if you get a step-up ring and install it, it will change the angle a little bit.

You may still get vignettes. depending where you are step-up rings cost a few dollars each. I would try it. it WILL allow you to shoot video through the lens at the bare minimum.
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