canon camcorders?

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Some people do use canon in skydiving.

LANC is not crucial, but it is a nice bonus.

I have not heard of canon products being more vulnerable than sony products. I do know one guy who has used a pretty old canon several years without having serious issues.

Image stabilization is someworth different in canon cameras vs. sony. That I leave to the pros to explain..

Edit: cant spell..

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My ist video was a Canon zr25 and it had a lanc port. I really liked it and it had a lot of great features, the picture was great. Everyone kept telling me I had to get a Sony. After about 100 or so videos on the canon I went to a Sony TRV and sold the Canon.

I honestly thought the picture on the Canon was better. Anyway, I sold the Canon to another jumper who still uses it, no problems after 6-7 years.

I now have the HC3 but I wish I would have kept the Canon as a back up. The Sony TRV was not a better camera in my opinion. Just more expensive and heavier.

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I liked my Canon Elura 40mc (it had LANC). However the video was shakier than with a Sony. I always wrote that off as being due to my homemade mounting bracket, which I never got around to re-doing since I never got good enough with video (and didn't make $ from it).

Now I have a Canon Vixia HF200 for non-skydiving uses. So far it was great biking, eventually I'll use it for snowboarding. Hope that's as good.


(Yeah I need a ring sight now...)

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