Good deal on sony HC3?

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I'm looking into getting an HC3... if anybody happens to know of a good place to get a deal on one, or what a good price would be if I see it, I'd greatly appreciate the input.

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Options exist for under $1000, shipped.


Be sure to read reviews of sellers on there.

Read the reviews very carefully. Many will advertise low prices, but won't actually ship you the camera until you agree to buy overpriced extras. ($100 charger, etc..).

I'm a big fan of B & H personally.

B&H, Shoreview, Adorama, they're all good dealers. Greymarket/non-Sony dealers will sell refurbs with no warranty, or sell the camera, but want extra for box, charger, cables, battery, etc. About the lowest "real" cost that I've seen is around 1200.00 from an authorized dealer

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