tongue switch sticking

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Pin hole in the membrane is allowing moisture to seep in then when clicked it seals its self back up with the moiusture locking it in a clicked position. Fried my first one that way. Send it back and its a replacement unit on its way. If there is one thing to say about Conceptus is they replace anything that breaks.
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All my tongue switches from conceptus have started to stick closed, so I land up shooting of a roll of film in freefall, none left for landing shots.And then 1/2 hour later they become unstuck.
any Idea's

I've had that happen before, too. I've taken to sucking back on the tongue switch after each burst of shots, just to make sure the switch has shut off and isn't continuing to fire.

I do this with 35mm film. I haven't had this problem with my digital camera (yet).


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If you need a sealed bite switch, it doesn't get much easier/cheaper than this:

Sealed Pendant Switches with Cable (#6944K11)
Combination switch and cable assemblies are sealed in a molded-neoprene enclosure to protect the switch from chemical fumes, water, and dirt (unless noted). Permanently wired and molded to cable, unless noted. Contacts are momentary, except where noted.

There was a guy about 8-9 years ago who basically resold these as skydiving bite switches.

Or, for the best switch available, go here for ideas.
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