Fist Digital Camera - what's now ?!?

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Got my Rebel XT couple of days ago. (bought it with the kit - 18-55mm lense) as my first stills camera.

played with it. read the manual. I am almost ready to go.

What's now ?
How do i do it Skydiving usable ? (Programs, ISO, Aparture, Shutter, Focus, Focus Lock, Mirro Lock-up , White Balance, etc')

and I just wanted to bite a switch.......

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try it on sports mode with auto focus on ......close as your going to get to point and shoot. you will get some great shots, of course mastering skydive photography will take some time and experimenting with the multitude of setting changes. what the hell you won't be burning up rolls of film and processing costs. post some of your pics when you get some.
welcome to the digital age
Stay Safe,
The ground always, remembers where you are!

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