How to frame grab out of Premiere?

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Move the CTI to the frame you want, then File>Export>Frame. Afterward you will probably want to bring it into PS and de-interlace.

ahh...interlacing. actually, I was having a problem with getting it to deinterlace, and found a little workaround.

save your project.

go to the point in the timeline where the frame you want is.

type c or choose the razor tool by hand.

chop the timeline at the current time, and then chop it again a little bit later.

select the new clip that you've made and then right click on it.

choose video options and then frame hold.

choose the deinterlace option, choose to hold on the inpoint, choose to hold any filters.

now do what everyone else said, and you don't need to photoshop to deinterlace it.

of course, you can photoshop it to make yourself look awesomer if you so desire, but that's another issue.

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