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I’ve decided to do this. I’ll still have to work out a few issues on mounting, etc. I’ve looked the net and only come up with a few companies that sell these. This is my current top choice.


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Does anyone have any experience with this company, good bad or otherwise. Also, does anyone have another vendor they recommend and why.

If anyone has feedback on there bullet cam please feel free to PM me.

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Hello Reginald,
at the end of 2003 I bought Camera Package #4 (bullet camera type 21CWSHRX) as per web site posted by you. Outstanding bullet camera.
Bullet camera 21CWSHRX has got 480 TV lines, 470 kpix and a min illumination of 0.1 lux at 2.0, that is about 70 times (!!!!) brighter than my PC105E (without night shot, being min illumination of PC105E 7 lux).
Firstly, I immediately mounted the 2.9mm-130° lens (=wide angle) and never changed it.
I manufactured from fiberglass and two components resin a cradle (quite a job to manufacture it with built-in alignment!!!), when I mount my bullet camera on my FD helmet, I simply put cradle onto helmet, bullet camera into cradle and I stick everything in position few a suitable number of stripes of gray duct tape.
I state in advance that I have used my bullet camera only for BASE jumping, and every time I assemble all my setup (bullet + videocamera), it takes me an overall of at least 30 min of work, but I like very much my setup.
I keep my PC105E in a fanny pack I hold on my belly (below chest strap) with its proper strap that goes around my neck (holding the vertical force at opening time), while there are my clothes (wind jacket or so) that keep the fanny pack with videocamera in position.
Because of how sockets are made in my PC105E (they let jacks coming out of camera body at 90° angle), I had to manufacture, out of thick/heavy foam plastic "stuff", another "creadle" that allow pressure to be exerted onto videocamera with all jacks "protruding" at 90°.
There is the jack of AV cable that connects with bullet camera and ext microphone and there is also the jack of LANC controller (mandatory piece of equipment, buy it with the package, for sure!!!).
Then I fix such a plastic "cradle" in position with inside the two jacks with (narrow and thin) gray duct tape.
Long preparatory work, yes, but finally I end up with 150 g (between bullet camera and cradle) on my helmet (I have cradle+bullet mounted half way between side and top mounting, let's say, 45°, because on top of my helmet I have a "permanently" mounted speleo light for my night BASE jumps, but anyone who skydives only with his/her bullet camera, can mount it on top of helmet).
Very light indeed (you cannot notice you have anything onto your helmet) and practically impossible to snag anything onto your setup. I use again duct tape to route bullet camera cable from its position on helmet down into my clothes.
My procedure for assembling is the following.
After having prepared at home everything with duct tape, I don the rig with chest strap undone, I pass around my neck the strap of fanny pack with videocamera inside, then I wear the helmet, I make all the electrical (power pack of bullet and mic) and video connections, I close my (tight) fanny pack, I close my wind jacket, I leave hanging out the LANC controller, I fasten the chest strap, I finish to close properly EVERY strap/whatever, still with LANC controller hanging onto my chest/belly, with a click I record a little bit and then I stop.
When it's time to do some action, I am practically ready to jump, I press the pause button (so it goes back to record), I stick the LANC controller into the neck of my wind jacket and I am ready to jump.
Important note: in order to avoid unwanted pressure of LANC controller buttons when moving within your jacket, I manufactured (again from hard foam plastic) a frame that surrounds all the 4 buttons of LANC controller and sticks out 5 mm, so buttons are inside this "bowl", and unwanted pressure onto a butotn it's very unlikely to happen.
Hope this helps. I have also few photos of my setup, just go to the bottom of my webpage http://www.geocities.com/base_689/index.html
Just my 0.02€
Stay safe out there
Blue Skies and Soft Walls
BASE #689 - base_689AT_NO_123_SPAMyahoo.com

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