Who are the AVID users on here?

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I've used various versions of AVID on both MACs and Windows for several years in the broadcast environment.

I love the product.
I HATE the company.
Their attitude toward customers and service -blows-.

If I'm -forced- to use an AVID because that's what the client has at their facility -- sure, I'm going to use it. However, they aren't getting a dime of -my- money until they change their business paradigm.

In my opinion, the best bang for the buck for long form fairly complex stuff is Final Cut, but that's Mac only.
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I started using Adobe in high school, but now I use AVID Express Pro and AVID media composer 10.2 for everything I do. I love AVID's interface, but I haven't worked with Final cut. I will probably learn final cut HD this year as it is growing in popularity. Right now 95% of work in the industry is AVID, but FCP is growing.

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