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I don't have any of myself but attached are some that I took of other cameramen.

One is Doc John (www.manifestmaster.com/video from Paradise Skydives in Vinton, Iowa.

The other is Dave Schwartz of the Lincoln Sport Parachute Club. I took this at the Des Moines Skydivers, Couch Freaks Dollar Daze Boogie in Ft. Dodge, Iowa over Labor Day weekend.

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WooHoo!:D I finally got one to post. Pic taken by my brother from another mother, Jason LemleyB|

Hey, I just realized that I have a couple shots of Jason doin' his thang too - I'm rather surprised I forgot considering that a pilot, who shall remain anonymous, packed me a mal on that jump.;):ph34r::SB|

Say hi to Jason and Heath from when you get a chance.....:)
Jason & Shannon


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The Belgian military team with cameraman Danny Jacobs above Empuria last november:

What do you do when 2 vidiots don't have pictures of themselves and have an hour of free time at a DZ?
Picture I took for Roel:
Picture Roel took for me:
"Don't make me come down there" - God.

My site:http://www.skystudio.nl/video.html
Some of my vids: http://www.youtube.com/user/TomSkyStudio

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Terry Goode visited the DZ during the Christmas holidays and he took this shot of me videoing a tandem. This kid lucked out and had two views of his video for the price of one (plus we threw in the extra 2K from 10 to 12K for free to make a better video of the video. Merry Christmas!

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