10D and 550ex, does it work for you?

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I've been having some compatibility issues with my 10D and flash. In freefall, it has locked the camera up completely, so I've gotten no photos when trying to use ETTL. When I tried to use full manual, it was still talking to the camera and choosing the wrong apperature in Shutter Priority mode... I have a few other settings to try, but this is frustrating. Anyone jumping this successfully? What settings are you using?

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I haven't used my 550 much in freefall yet. Lots of reasons, still learning, additional weight, too busy/in a hurry to deal with the extra details.

But, the little bit I've used it, I haven't had too much trouble.
Usually I use shutter speed priority in the 1/300-1/400 range. I've been experimenting a little this year with aperture priority and setting it between f8 and f11 with mixed results.

One thing w/ the flash that I noticed is that if you don't set the flash for 'high speed' then the camera will drop down to 1/200 when shooting with the flash and then if it is re-charging and you shoot, the camera will go back to 1/400 or whatever higher shutter speed you have set.

I usually put in a brand new set of batteries before a jump. I've been burned with batteries left in the flash that I thought were okay. I don't have an external battery pack yet.

I've never had it 'lock up' the way you have described. Does it work fine on the ground? Ever lock up outside of using it in freefall? How secure is the flash attached? Any shaking of the electrical connections of the flash and remote shoe or camera? If it continues, I'd have a shop look at it.

I shoot in E-TTL mode. One time the flash got set to TTL and I had very bad exposure problems. I don't know enough about flash photography to comment on that other than now I always check to make sure its set to E-TTL and high speed flash.

Good luck, let us know how you solve the problem.


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I don't find it works well. The situation is changing so fast in skydiving, I'd rather use the 550 to "fill" at the seting I pre determing (i.e. full, 1/2, 1/4) then set my camera setting where I want them, then fly to those parameters. Just like I don't use autofocus in freefall.
You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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