Anybody using Sony DSC-V1 digi still cam????

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I've been using one since last June and I like it...
Unlike most small "digi-cams".. this one has some
substance to it.... it's 5 megapixels...Carl Zeiss lens, and produces a large 2mb image file... the pictures are vibrant and sharp...
It will NOT fire 3 images a second,, for many seconds... But there is a setting called "burst 3", where it takes 3 successive shots, bang,bang,bang..
Recover is 5 seconds, with a sandisk mem stick and about 8 seconds, with a sony mem stick...
It resets in a little over a second on individual shots,, give or take for flash recovery...
I wear it on the forehead of a batrack and it can be quick connected as needed... I often hand hold it even as we are climbing to altitude.and then set it up for the dive and attach it to the helmet .around 8 grand...
Inside the cabin and for many ground shots
I DO use the wide angle lens..it really opens up the peripheral view...I sometimes take it off and pocket it,, for the skydive,though, since you'd have to crowd your subject too much,,, else they look like they are "off in the distance"...... The camera is SUPER in post shot editing capabilities... and this is what most OTHER small 3 and 4 hundred dollar cameras Won't do....
As long as the original image is somewhere in frame.. you can zoom it crop it, re-record it,, and still save the original... The mem sticks plug right into a photo printer,, and the 8 by 10's are very very nice.....Download software and cables make putting the images on your hard drive pretty easy...
The cam. has an access port,, into which I plug the Wired remote pendant..
That pendant runs down my left sleeve and has a spring clip which I attach to the 'tube stow" of my altimeter..... The pendant lets me turn the camera on or off.... It has an amber light which glows when the cam. is ON .. It has a shutter switch,,,, and it had a zoom/wide angle adjustment lever. The pendant fits easily in my hand... I have created a splice in the wire and inserted a 3 conducter quick disconnect.. this allow me to mate my helmet to my sleeve, after putting on the helmet .. I tuck the connection into the upper chest part of my camera suit.... It works well..

Here are a few images. The tandem shot is from the very first jump I made with the DSC-V1.... although it's been converted to a >60 kb jpeg.....
The V1 was 599 $$$ U.S. .. a year ago or so.. Now I see it available for 499.
The wide angle lens is VCL-DEH07V... it is a x0.7 and seems it was around 140 dollars....( The lens contacts a bypass switch when it is attached,,, which prevents the zoom feature from working.... This could be a help,, if I inadvertantly zoom,,,,, on the pendant,, while firing the shutter...on dives where I have the lens on....)
The "remote commander' is RM-VD1 , and has about a 5 foot wire on it... it is around 50 dollars..
So while this system may not let you take 50 images in the course of a skydive.... ( isn't that why we wear VIDEO cams..:D... ) It will let you catch the 6 or 8 winners....that a freefall camera person looks for on each dive..... It is durable.. and so far completely trouble free....interchangeable mem sticks,, rechargeable infolithium batteries,,, and it has MORE features than I have yet...learned how to use...

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