What is the Best Quality camcorder and camara SLR?

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You'll only be recomended Sony mini DV. The best are the PC series (at least for side mounting - TRV's go better on the top). Make sure it has an "M" series battery or it wont last as long as you'd like.

you'll get more responses, but I've seen a lot of Cannon EOS's about.

edit: is this a poll or are you asking for advice?

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Unlike what others have experienced, I have had god results from JVC. I sold one of my old JVC cameras to a videograper just getting started about 2 years ago and it is still going strong with no problems. I would recommend Sony though and that is what I jump now. Sony has much better slo motion and other effects along with the ability to use a Cam eye.

As far as photography goes I am still using film so I will speak about it. The best SLR camera I have used is the Minolta Maxxum 5. It is the lightest 35mm SLR out there and faster than the comparable canons and nikons. The only negative is that it has a special plug for the remote shutter release. I take there plug and modify it for my uses. That being said if all you want to do is shoot student photos and hand the roll to them when you are done, I recommend using one of the little Canon Elph LT cameras modified to a remote shutter release. They will take better pictures than you would think, and the APS system is very easy to load when you are in a hurry.

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