Jumping a camera/saftey day

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3 people died in 2001 with entaglements... This brings up a discussion about snag hazzards, ring sites, and cuttaway systems. It reminds us that we're all willing to throw away a few thousand bucks in hardware when needed. It suggests that we should have renters or home owners insurance for specifically when we do that.

Other discussions revolve around watching the dirt dive, watching the climbout - looking for prematurely deploying canopies. I really mean discussions, too. These aren't points that should be listed off in bullett form. Each of these topics is a discussion.

On takeoff, we need to consider how each of our helmets can become projectiles during the simplest accident. Everyone with a helmet, but especially camera flyers need to be securing their helmets. Yes, flying cameras have killed people. Look up the Perris Otter crash a few years back.

During the skydive, being careful of the burble. :$ Also, constantly watching for prematures, and if freeflying - corks.

There's a good discussion to be had about breakoffs - who's job is to do what. Everybody should know their job, because it was discussed during the dirt dive. Everybody should be reminded of the camera guy taking the center, and everybody should know if he'll be pulling right at break-off, or if DZ policy requires him to pull at a lower (normal) altitude. Tracking, knowing who's good at it, and who isn't is critical.

If this lecture is being directed at the DZ at large, as opposed to people already flying camera, then it might be wise to have a simple discussion about what kinds of experiences jumpers should have before strapping on a camera. It should remind newer jumpers that they aren't ready for it, and it should remind camera flyers to be vigilant about who they help get into it.

A good interesting read is Quades site here: http://www.futurecam.com/skydive.html

You put the fun in "funnel" - craichead.

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I need recommendations on what topics to cover on safety day at our DZ. ( jumping a camera) I only have a half hour. Also does anyone know where I can find accident related information?

:)cover prerequisites, to being considered ABLE to jumps a camera..:P
cover, side mounts or top mounts, :| Cover the pre determined response to a possible entanglement[:/]
cover Pre-boarding, and take off safety procedures.
cover the need for a gear safety check list and the need for a camera safety check list. [:/]
Cover the need to FOLLOW your check list,,, :S
discuss how to recognize and therefore avoid, tunnel vision, :(
cover the correct place to be, in freefall, for the type of skydive you are filming:)cover the need for effective, non verbal communication between Tandem masters and video persons,;)
cover the need to ACT professionally at all times, if you want to be considered a professional video person ;):| and Oh Yes,,,, cover the need to HAVE FUN,,,,,,B|;):)experienced video person at your drop zone,,, if you have any ;):) Oh Yeah.... wasn't Safety Day 2 weeks ago???????? jimmy:ph34r:

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