Parasport Diablo reviews?

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Hi Everyone!

I am looking for a new RW jumpsuit for serious 4 way competition. I have talked to fellow skydivers, read through the existing threads I found here, and checked the webpages of several brands.

One of the suits I consider is the brand new Parasport Diablo, so I've been wondering if maybe some of you guys already had the chance to jump with it and what you think about it.

I also wrote to Parasport about the differences of there suits ( especially the difference between the Ghibli and the Diablo ), and also asked why the Diablo does not have vented booties, and what the benefits of this design should be.
Here is the answer from them, if anyone is interested in it:


Choice strongly depends on the level of your team skills and your habits.

The Synchro Competition suit is surely the most comfortable, mainly because of adoption of larger areas with stretch fabric. The drawback is that being more elastic will create some delays in turning blocks, as you will be pulling the grips, stretching the fabric, and then pulling the body.

The Ghibli shares the same design of the booties, using the Total Blast inflatable bootie, but it's more solid because of lest stretch fabric. And therefore no delays when pulling on grips, as there's no stretch fabric there, so when you're pulling a grip, you're pulling the body.

The Total Blast is a relative old design, and since we introduced it the technique of formation skydiving has been changing a lot (and the design has been widely copied by other manufacturers). So the Diablo is the state-of-the-art suit, very tight, and with Blade Boosters that are very powerful, but are not creating huge level changes because of the inflation effect. Being tight, stretch areas are placed strategically to give comfort, but far from the grips, so that they're very solid when turning blocks.

So my suggestion is to go for the Synchro Competition as beginner, choose the Ghibli for serious teams, and choose the Diablo if you're looking for highest performance.

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