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Hello all.
Does anyone know of any good reading material for 4-way RW team preparation, guides for putting a team together ....etc???

Just finished reading Arizona Airspeed training plan (http://blueskiesmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/PACKDtrainingPlan.pdf)
It has some useful stuff to take on board but I would like some more perspective.

Thanks in advance.

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I helped pull these together when I was involved with the NCSL. Haven't checked all the links in a while, but most of 'em are probably still good.
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Dan B-C modified the second half of his incredible book (Above All Else) to be skydiving-specific and published it in Parachutist as a 6-part series. This is the first part:
Change the part number (1-6) to read each section. Fantastic stuff when it comes to 4-way, from initially building the team to training plans to working together.

SDC RhythmXP also has great resources on their website. Here is the link to their Articles page: http://skydiving.how/resources/articles-links

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