8th Annual SkyVenture NH Tunnel Meet - FS Registration Information

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Event Announcement – 8th Annual NH Tunnel Meet!

Date and Time: Saturday, January 9th, 2016 for the FS event. The meet will begin at 9am and finish at roughly 7pm. Awards ceremony will be poolside at Surf’s Up immediately after round 10… The Oasis Cafe now has a liquor license and will be serving beer, wine, and cocktails (including Moscow Mules).

Cost: $80/person for ten round FS meet regardless of competition class, $60 for each additional FS event. Registration cover warm-up and competition flights, judging, access to digital video of the comp flights, a t-shirt if you register early enough, water, and pizza lunch.

Registration Information: First come first serve - limit of 36 total teams. Register by Saturday December 12th to receive a t-shirt. We filled up last year so register early - registration will likely fill prior to the deadline. Email nhtunnelmeet”at”gmail”dot”com with: team name, team members, each person’s t-shirt size (I’ll assume standard “men’s cut” unless you specifically request “women’s cut” for a specific team member), your competition class, and every team members email address (list is just used for this tunnel meet and never given out to anyone). 

Don’t ask me to save a spot for your incomplete team… just email me with all the requested information at once – I won’t register a team without it. Please format your information as follows:

(email subject: “Registration for Toasted Nuts”)
Team Name: Toasted Nuts
Members: Chuck Norris, Uncle Si, Master Mike, Walter White
T-shirts: 1 XL, 2 Large, 1 Medium
Class: Open (obviously, Chuck Norris is on the team)
Email addresses: Chuck@iwillkillyou.com, Si@redneckcentral.com, Mike@fightforyourright.com, Walter@methactuallyisntbadforyou.com. 

Registration Confirmation: Unless you get a confirmation from me saying that you are "all set," don't assume you are registered. I will not save spots or register partial teams. 

Format: Same as last year, 10-round meet for Rookie, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open meet starting at 9am. There will be no separate Rookie/Player coach meet.

Meet Director: Ben Liston (FS meet only) and Chief Judge: Jim Rees (multiple national and FAI judges will be on site this year to fill out the panel).

Teammate Finder Spreadsheet: Enter your info here if you are looking for teammates https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ApFFDKFiX0PedHctZnRiUzRwVEtNLTR1cUJVYVB2bEE&hl=en  This document saves all changes, so please be careful not to mess with anyone else's info. 

Other Stuff: Bring your climbing shoes and bathing suit, the climbing wall and Surf’s Up @ Skyventure New Hampshire (32ft wide surfing wave!) will be open. There will also be additional dining options on site at the Oasis cafe, which will have wraps, smoothies, pizza, fresh squeezed orange juice, chicken fingers, and other stuff. The Cafe also now serves alcohol…

Sandbagger Prevention - Any Intermediate teams that includes two or more members who won the Intermediate class last year at the tunnel meet, have won an Intermediate gold medal at US Nationals, or any medal in the Advanced or Open Class at US Nationals should register as a “guest team” if they want to compete in Intermediate. That means that they can compete, be scored, and will be recognized, but will not eligible for medals. Advanced class team teams should not have more than one USPA “Open Class” competitor in the line-up (or register as a guest if they do). With these guidelines in mind, teams select their own class.

Class Information:
•   Rookie draw is 3 randoms per round - Random G from the USPA dive pool is not included.
•   Intermediate draw is 3-4 points, all randoms plus blocks 7 and 9.
•   Advanced draw is 4-5 points plus blocks 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, and 15.
•   Open draw has 5-6 points and will include randoms plus 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22.

Communication: I work long hours for my day job (during the school year) and have kids. I typically respond to questions and confirm registrations within one week. Please include your phone number if you email questions so that I can have the option of calling you with my response. This will be the only email you receive from me if you don't register. Registered folks will get one more large email with logistic info and one final reminder email.

Rock & Roll Jokers - FunBlocker, out.
Mass Defiance 4-wayFS website


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