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Attention all Florida teams!!!
Hey are looking for a great place to call your home DZ?
Tired of waiting for a load to open up?
Tired of the lack of jumpers at the beginning/end of the day to fill a load?
Well, there is a DZ just waiting for you!
Currently there is a 4-way team training that is looking to fill a Twin Otter at the beginning and end of the day on weekends. Get in those early and late jumps to complete the training that was planned when the weather in Florida is the best – especially during the summer months.
This DZ has great people, team rates, covered packing, competition aircraft, and is centrally located.
If interested contact the team captain at divedeep@att.net or the DZ at LakeWalesSkydiving@gmail.com
Hope to see you training in the skies over Florida!

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