SDC Rhythm XP looking for a Cameraman

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SDC Rhythm XP is looking for a Cameraman (or woman) for 2010.

Rhythm is passionate about doing the best jumps we can do and having tons of fun doing it. We are proud of building a strong team based on open-mindedness, commitment, a positive attitude, no excuses, and confidence in ourselves and one another.

Besides working every year to reach new competitive levels, we are also dedicated to contributing to the sport through various coaching endeavors, including 8-way and 16-way player coach projects, team-for-a-day, team coaching, and tunnel coaching.

We are looking for a videographer who is interested in being part of this project and acheiving something big. Team schedule is available, and will include about 12 days per month, 10 of which are during the week, amounting to ~750 jumps for the year. We will train out of Sebastian, FL through April and then move to Skydive Chicago around the beginning of May to finish the season.

The benefits of being part of our team include tons of jumping, the opportunity to become among the top in your discipline, having a lot of fun, strong sponsorship, great competition experiences, and playing a key role in helping others reach their skydiving goals. Our cameraman would also have the opportunity to lead the group of videographers who support our organized events.

While experience is a plus, we believe the right level of commitment and positive attitude is more important than a long resume. Also, strong work ethic and professionalism are required. Please contact [email protected] if interested. Also, check out www.rhythmskydiving.com for more info about the team.
Team Website: www.rhythmskydiving.com

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