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Google refuses to turn up a website for Casper's Creepers or Sky Kat. I am contemplating building my own but wanted to price them out first to see if its worth the hassle. Anyone have a link or know how much a "manufactured" creeper goes for? Thanks!

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Two years ago we made our own creepers for our 8-way team. The cost was about $85 per creeper but we also were fortunate to get some of the supplies for much cheaper than normal. I think it would have been a wash otherwise.
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4 wheels ($40 max only $24 when we built ours) (Dunn and Co Casters - double bearing, both wheel and swivel, hard poly wheels. Most important component)

plywood - 3/4" (A full sheet will do 4 creepers)
3M spray adhesive - $4
Foam (high density egg carton used under sleeping bags - makes two) $14
washers, smooth head bolts, locking nuts - (not much)
finish and seal the wood, or paint if you care to

(Instead of adhesive and foam, you can get staples, fabric and more foam and upholster it too - costs a little more - we did that in college and they were very nice)

+ Time, effort

Keep looking at the sites, "Casper" also used to post here. Maybe you can find him if you aren't inclined to build your own.

Do a search in this forum, it's been posted a couple times.



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I've made them for much cheaper than that. The supplies I used were:

- Foam padding from a camping store (the cheap sleeping pads cost 10-15 bucks

- a 4x8 sheet of birch plywood from Home Depot

- 16 1/4 inch bolts and 16 of the threaded "recievers" that you can pound into wood, and some washers

- two cans of poly to seal it up

- I think the wheels we got were Performa 2 1/2 x 3/4 inchs (and ask for a flat mounting plate - Casters of Oklahoma was the company I went through and they were easy to work with over the phone.

Just build some...
Mass Defiance 4-wayFS website


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