Feb. / March 2 Way Skills Camp Dates at Perris Valley Skydiving

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Hi Everyone!
The dates for 2 Way Camp for both February and March fall on exactly the same dates and day of the week!

Feb 4th, 12th, 18th and 26th.

March: 4th, 12th, 18th and 26th.

For those of you that are reading about this (the 2 way camp) for the first time, the camp is free to attend, but we ask that you make 5 jumps, in order to help you develop a skill set (or sets) for that day.
We also have a number of world class skydivers on the dropzone who donate their time to help with the camp. This last weekend we had Pat McGowan making one on one jumps with us all day. Other times we have had none other than Dan BC doing the same thing!
We also have the wind tunnel on the dropzone at Perris and once a month we put together groups of 6 and set up 10 minute wind tunnel sessions for each person with free coaching.

So..as a skydiver ...Do you want to be better? Or do you want to be good?
Each day you go to the camp you'll know more and be a better skydiver than you were when you arrived. Even if you can't jump, you're going to learn something!
And those that keep coming? Well you're going to become good!

See you there!


" Do you want to be Better.....or do you want to be Good?"

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