Check This Out: The Perris Performance Plus Free 2 Way and Team Fury's 4 Way RW Camp Dates

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There is no denying that Good skydivers jumping together make for totally fun skydives!
Now Perris (Skydiving) Performance Plus is not only bringing you the 2 Way Skills Camp for free, but Team Fury, our professional (open class) 4 Way skydiving team, is now running a free basic 4 way skills camp for free as well!!!!!
And as we all know, FREE IS (definitely) A GOOD THING!!!
So here are the dates for December:
The 3rd, the 11th and the 18th
So, for all you interested in RW/FS skydivng, here is great opportunity to develop your individual AND 4 way skills by coming out to Perris Valley Skydiving and getting in the air with us!!!!

The camps start at 8:00 am and we meet by the fountain under the trees!
Those new to RW or just wanting to improve their individual skills in the 2 Way Camp should contact Michael James at: [email protected]
And those interested in the basic 4 Way should contact Christy Frikken at: [email protected]

" Do you want to be Better.....or do you want to be Good?"

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I want to wave hello to MJ! I'm one of MJs kids to! When I traveled to California I went to MJ's two way camp when he taught at Elsinore and I really learned a lot each time. It's good to see that he is still conducting the camps. But now at Perris? I would recommend his camps to everyone who is beginning in FS skydiving. Perhaps we could steal him and have him teach over here in Belgium and Holland, when it is warm of course!

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MJ.. Wanted to thank you for the last couple weeks..
I have 40 jumps.. I left AFF thinking.. "this is easy" LMAO.. After I jumped with some real skydivers.. I found out I don’t know shit:S..
Then I found MJ.. He works close with team fury which makes for an amazing group of folks that take the time to help us new guys B|
Anyway. This is how it worked..
First day.. Met with him and the other student (Ward) and we talked to MJ while he showed us video's and explained physics and why foundations are important.. All the stuff sounds easy.. well.. It takes work.. He really spent alot of time getting us dialed in and understanding the why's before he pounded us with the Creepers, the exits and body positions..
I learned more in the first day of skills camp then I I have since I got my license. He also has the fury team that supports him so.. they jump with us.. we get split up.. its been amazing..
I went again yesterday.. we finaly nailed some of the stuff.. where it was a lot of work at first.. We had such a good time when it all came together.. the frustration of learning something new turned into joy..
Anyway.. wanted to thank all of you involved for taking the time to mold us new guys so that when your to old to compete and nobody wants to jump with you anymore.. We'll feel bounded by guilt..Lol..
Seriously though..
Cant wait until next week.. It feels good to feel progress..
thanks MJ and team fury..
oh .. and Lew..thanks for the vid of our funneled exit.. :ph34r:)
If your new or even if you think you know what your doing.. Be opened minded and check it out. I’ve seen people be surprised by less.

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